Damsel & Dragon Flies

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Adult Damsel Dry Fly Adult Damsel Dry Fly
Great for fishing mid-day during the hot days of July and August
Burk's Adult Damsel Dry Fly Burk's Adult Damsel Dry Fly
This pattern works well for Lake fishing in the Summer Months
Crystal Damsel Dragon Bass Fly Crystal Damsel Dragon Bass Fly
A Dave Whitlock Creation of a Summertime Bass favorite the Dragonfly
Damsel Nymph Fly Damsel Nymph Fly
A Dave Whitlock Creation of this swimming nymph that is also a good Carp fly
Dragon Nymph Fly Dragon Nymph Fly
A good choice for high mountain Lake fishing or for Panfish and Carp
Foam Body Dry Damsel Foam Body Dry Damsel
This foam body damsel has great looking wings that add much realism to the pattern.
Foam Body Paradamsel Foam Body Paradamsel
A parachute design damsel with a high floating foam body
Holly Foam Damsel Fly Holly Foam Damsel Fly
A good high Floater especially useful in fishing from a Drift Boat
Hula Damsel Hula Damsel
At last, an articulated Damsel nymph that really imitates the movement of the natural, great for lake and pond fishing as well.
Lake Dragon Nymph Fly Lake Dragon Nymph Fly
Barbless tied on a TMC 5263BL and created by Randall Kaufmann
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