Dry Flies

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Alder Fly Alder Fly
The often mistaken mistery bug of the stream is a real productive pattern when naturals are present
Flutter Bug Flutter Bug
A.K.'s PMD Quill A.K.'s PMD Quill
All quill body dry flies exhabit an exceptionally life like body impression on the surface film due to the ridges created by the wound quill fibers
Adams Dry Fly Adams Dry Fly
This is the No. 1 Universal Attractor Pattern of all time
Adams Moosetail Adams Moosetail
Same productive Adams pattern with a dark Moosetail hair tail
Adams Superfly Adams Superfly
This pattern combines the old stand-by Adams color scheme with an extended body profile producing an incredibly fishy looking design
Aerial Assult Aerial Assult
This creature resembles many things that trout will rise to eat.
AK's Mellon Quill AK's Mellon Quill
AK's Olive Dun Quill AK's Olive Dun Quill
American March Brown Dry Fly American March Brown Dry Fly
All Time Classic Mayfly Pattern that imitates multiple Species
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