Scud, Shrimp & Boatman

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Big Horn Shrimp Fly Big Horn Shrimp Fly
A good choice for many Western Tailwater Fisheries
Hunchback Scud Fly Hunchback Scud Fly
This is a good imitation of the natural especially good for Western Streams and Rivers
Scud Bead Head Nymph Scud Bead Head Nymph
Barbless, tied on a TMC2457BL Hook created by Randall Kaufmann
Tailwater Sowbug, Tungsten Tailwater Sowbug, Tungsten
A rainbow colored Sowbug design just perfect for most Tailwater fisheries.
Theo's Boatman Theo's Boatman
This is a real cool looking Boatman imitation with a shiny silver underside just as the natural looks.
Water Boatman Water Boatman
The undisputed king of fishing calm water eddies