Spinner Flies

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Clear Wing Hex Spinner Clear Wing Hex Spinner
Callibatis Spinner Fly Callibatis Spinner Fly
Use early in the Season on a cloudy day when this hatch occurs most often
CDC Biot Spinner Fly CDC Biot Spinner Fly
CDC is Natures magical floatant
Crystal Wing Spinner Fly Crystal Wing Spinner Fly
A very good universal Spinner Imitation for most situations
Drowned Trico Spinner Drowned Trico Spinner
In the middle of a Trico Spinner fall this pattern will get eaten
Hendrickson Spinner Fly Hendrickson Spinner Fly
Good Pattern for post-hatch Selective Feeders
Hex Spinner Dry Fly Hex Spinner Dry Fly
A must to have when fishing the Hex Hatch
Hex Spinner-Lucca's Hex Spinner-Lucca's
This is an outstanding new spinner design by David Lucca
Hexagenia Spinner Hexagenia Spinner
This is yet another great Hex imitation from David Lucca
March Brown Spinner Fly March Brown Spinner Fly
Look above Riffles for the Spinner falls of these Mayflies
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