Terrestrial Flies

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Big Secret Hopper Big Secret Hopper
Butt Munch Beetle Butt Munch Beetle
Sweetgrass Hopper Sweetgrass Hopper
Amy's Ant Amy's Ant
From the man that gave us the ParaWulff Jack Dennis has given us this supurb foam attractor
Ant Misbehavin Terrestrial Dry Fly Ant Misbehavin Terrestrial Dry Fly
Here is a very realistic looking ant imitation that is just the ticket for heavily wooded sections of well fished streams and rivers.
Attract-Ant Terrestrial Fly Attract-Ant Terrestrial Fly
Use ant imitations when No Hatch is Present especially in the Summer months
BC Dropper Hopper BC Dropper Hopper
A Hopper imitation made to be fished with a dropper designed by John Barr and Charlie Craven
Caleb's Bee Caleb's Bee
Carls Cicada Carls Cicada
A real high floating foam Cicada imitation by Carl Stout
Chernobyl Ant  Fly Chernobyl Ant Fly
Hide the kids Honey, here comes the Ant that ate New York
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