Surf Flies

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Backstabber Carp Fly Backstabber Carp Fly
This is one of the New Generation Carp flies that is taking fish in all types of water conditions in all parts of the country.
Blind Crab Surf Fly Blind Crab Surf Fly
A New Killer Pattern for anywhere the Surf falls
Clouser's Darter Smallmouth Fly Clouser's Darter Smallmouth Fly
Similar to the Clouser Deep Minnow this perfectly designed pattern imitates a fleeing prey species
Corbina Candy Surf Fly Corbina Candy Surf Fly
As the Name Says Corbina eat this pattern up
Crimp Saltwater Fly Crimp Saltwater Fly
What is half Crab and half Shrimp? Crimp the magical fly
Foxy Crab Fly Foxy Crab Fly
This is a very seductive pattern that has plenty of built in movement with the slightest twitch
Hanley's Beach Ball Surf Fly Hanley's Beach Ball Surf Fly
New Hot Surf Pattern especially for Southern California
Pacific Sand Lance Surf Fly Pacific Sand Lance Surf Fly
This pattern casts a long sleek Eel-Like profile that matches the natural beautifully
Pacific Smelt Surf Fly Pacific Smelt Surf Fly
This has long been a food source of many a Surf Predator
Piconi's Prowler Surf Fly Piconi's Prowler Surf Fly
Really Visible in foamy surf with it's Bright Orange color
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