Foam Strike Indicators

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Strike Indicator Dry Fly Strike Indicator Dry Fly
Instead of using yarn, foam or other types of plastic bobbers use this highly visible Strike Indicator Dry Fly that does double duty.
Giant Black Rogue Foam Stone Giant Black Rogue Foam Stone
For the big boys, we have this Giant Salmonfly imitation that is as big as it gets.
Aerial Assult Aerial Assult
This creature resembles many things that trout will rise to eat.
Amy's Ant Amy's Ant
From the man that gave us the ParaWulff Jack Dennis has given us this supurb foam attractor
BC Dropper Hopper BC Dropper Hopper
A Hopper imitation made to be fished with a dropper designed by John Barr and Charlie Craven
Candy Corn Candy Corn
There is a whole lot going on with this Attractor pattern that all starts with its head
Carls Cicada Carls Cicada
A real high floating foam Cicada imitation by Carl Stout
Chernobyl Ant  Fly Chernobyl Ant Fly
Hide the kids Honey, here comes the Ant that ate New York
Chernobyl Juicy Bug Dry Fly Chernobyl Juicy Bug Dry Fly
This thing has it all, rubber legs, foam body, synthetic hair and a wild profile that excites big trout.
Designated Hitter Designated Hitter
A foam body Stonefly imitation that that comes in Golden,Skwala and Salmonfly color schemes
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