In addition to Gift Memberships we also offer pre-packaged Fly Selections for sale on this Web Site. They make excellent gifts for the Fly Angler in your life and will fill the need for almost any occasion. The Fly Selections come in a wide range of price points and are offered in four distinct Categories as follows:

DESTINATION FLY SELECTIONS (Example: Bahamas) will give you many of the flies needed to fish a specific Fly Fishing location.
SPECIES FLY SELECTIONS (Example: Trout) contain flies specifically chosen for a particular species of fish. These selections include a wide range of patterns necessary to target that species.
FLY FAMILY SELECTIONS (Example Adams) contain the many different fly pattern types and color schemes available in the given fly family tree.
INSECT LIFE CYCLE SELECTIONS (Example Cahill) contain Nymphs, Emergers, Duns, Parachute Duns, Cripples and Spinners of a given Aquatic Insect species.

All Fly Selections are shipped in attractive fly boxes designed to accommodate the quantity of flies in the assortment. Fly Selections range in price from $30.00 on up to $395.00 each giving you a wide range of Gifts to choose from.

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