Gray Fox Dry Fly

This is a very universal pattern imitating Stenonema Duns in the East and Midwest and Ephemera duns in the West


Gray Fox Dry Fly
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The Gray Fox is a beautiful classic pattern that casts a prefect and delicate mayfly dun profile. It was created in the 1920’s by a noted entomologist Preston Jennings to imitate species of the Stenonema genus, now known as the genus

Maccaffertium.  Back in the day, it was also known as the Sand Drake and Ginger Quill. This is a fairly universal pattern since it also can be used to imitate Mayflies of the genus Ephemera known as Yellow Drake, Yellow Dun, Cream Variant and White Dun. When in the act of hatching these duns ride high on the water flapping their wings to dry before they become air born. This pattern is just a perfect imitation of that type of emergence. Variants have longer tails and hackles allowing them to ride even higher on the water just a perfect imitation of these species.

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