Insect Life Cycle Fly Selection - Green Drake

The Eastern Green Drake is a Superhatch aquatic insect of major importance to Anglers in the East and Midwest


Insect Life Cycle Fly Selection -  Green Drake
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This Selection is of the famous Mayfly the Eastern Green Drake. Scientifically this is the Family: Ephemeridae, Genus Ephemera, Species: guttulata that produces superhatches in coldwater streams and rivers of the East and Midwest. The Superhatch status is given to this aquatic insect based on the density and magnitude of their hatch and subsequent spinner falls during peak hatch activity periods. In their season, Green Drakes hatch almost daily with Superhatches being produced during prolonged periods of warm weather from late May on through mid-June. Hatch activity usually takes place around dusk and continues on for an hour more into the early evening with duns preferring to hatch over stretches of slow to moderate flowing water. During very cool and overcast days hatch activity can begin much earlier from mid-afternoon on creating an ideal situation for the angler. In this Selection you will find three each Green Drake Duns size 12, Green Paradrake size 10, Cripple sizes 10 & 12 and Nymphs sizes 8, 10 & 12.

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