Insect Life Cycle Fly Selection - Hendrickson

A Classic Hatch of Superhatch proportions, best of all Hendricksons drift on the surface for quite some time befor becoming airborn


Insect Life Cycle Fly Selection - Hendrickson
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This Selection features the famous Mayfly Hendrickson that is so important in the East and Midwest. Scientifically this is the Family Ephemerellidae and the important Genus: Ephemerella. This genus contains fifty one recognized species of Mayflies and is one of the most prolific of all aquatic insect Families in North America. This Genus not only includes Hendrickson (E. subvaria) and Light Hendrickson (E. rotunda) but also Pale Morning Duns, Blue Winged Olives and Sulphur Duns all of which are considered Superhatches on their own. (It should be noted that the Light Hendrickson is known as one of the Sulphur Dun species, Angling books of the past have added to the confusion here with miss information.) During hatching in early spring Hendrickson’s drift downstream for quite some distance before taking flight making for some excellent surface fly action. Hendrickson colors very from stream to stream so it is wise to have various color schemes to target a major Hendrickson hatch. To make matters even more difficult the females are colored differently than the males with the males needing to be imitated with the pattern Red Quill. This Selection should at least put you in the game for a classic Hendrickson hatch. It includes three each Light Hendrickson Duns in sizes 12, 14 & 16, Dark Hendrickson Duns in sizes 12, 14 & 16, a ParaEmerger in size 14 and a Spinner in size 14.


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