Nikko Kebari - Soft Wet Hackle/White

This pattern is a traditional Soft Wet Hackle design that follows the Nikko style of regional Japanese fly tying, tied on a Gamakatsu # C13-U, Up eye Keel style dry fly hook tied with black silk thread, natural black rabbit dubbing and white hackle.

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Nikko Kebari - Soft Wet Hackle/White
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The Nikko area of Japan is quite beautiful and similar to some areas of our Pacific Northwest. There, the Yugawa River flows harboring a good population of the Gorocho Caddisfly Stenopsyche japonica, an aquatic insect that many of the Nikko area flies are designed to imitate. Our pattern here Nikko Kebari is a traditional Soft wet hackle design that follows the Nikko style of regional Japanese fly tying. Nikko style Tenkara fly patterns come both with tails and without. Our particular style is tied without a tail in three basic color schemes common to adult Caddisflies. This fly can be fished wet or dry and also “dabbed” to imitate a skittering caddisfly Gary Lafontaine style. These flies are all tied on high quality Gamakatsu C13-U hooks in sizes 12-14-16. The C13-U is an up-eye keel style dry fly hook with a unique wide gape bend that when combined with the up-eye creates a powerful fish holding tool. Not to be too technical but; the secret is in the fact that the tippet is pulling along an imaginary line that is parallel to the float line of the fly that passes through the apex of the bend. In other words, all the pressure the rod exerts is being focused at the exact point that holds the fish on the hook.

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